My story is twofold, and all began with a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. I spent my twenties (left) on a diet. I literally did them all.

It wasn’t until my mid twenties, I began to study WHERE our food came from.

What I learned was life changing-- and as I began to implement, I began to experience immediate transformation (right).

I was so amazed at the transformation I was experiencing, and became hooked. I soaked up all that I could — books, documentaries, podcasts… all about food sourcing, and the power that food has on our bodies. I eventually went on to study & earn my certification in Holistic Health


Over time, I adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, and this way of eating served me well until about a year after our first son was born, when I began to experience a strange string of ugly symptoms--digestive distress & bloating, amenorrhea (no period), chronic canker sores & cystic pimples, fatigue, brain fog, low moods, brittle hair & nails.

I went to doctor after doctor, and after about a year with no answers, I began feverishly researching. Though doctors did't agree, I felt strongly that my symptoms were somehow connected.

One common thing continued to come up as I researched: GLUTEN.

As a vegetarian, I was apprehensive...glutenous grains were a mainstay to my diet! But, my desire to heal was stronger than my desire for pizza (ha!), so I went cold turkey, cutting gluten out of my diet.


The results were almost immediate--my period returned, my energy increased, the canker sores stopped. And over that first year, slowly but surely, all of my symptoms disappeared.  My skin cleared up. My hair stopped falling out. I had energy again.  I didn't have pain and bloating after eating, and my digestion re-regulated.   All of it.

Our fertility journey ended up being a whole different rodeo filled with it’s own unique challenges {read more here} but what I learned about the impact that certain foods can have on our bodies during this time was an instrumental piece to the puzzle!

Since that time, I've been carefully navigating the not-so-common world of gluten free, vegetarian cooking. After years of experimenting in my own kitchen & experiencing continued transformation, I began to support other women as they began to explore their road to holistic healing, using FOOD as the backbone.

I teach women how to not only tune in and eat only the foods best for their bodies, but how to shop & cook in a delicious, unprocessed way that fits into our fast paced world & is sustainable for the long term. No BS required.


Don’t know where to start? I didn’t either. I just started. You’ve totally got this!

Let’s connect! Contact me directly here to share your story.

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