Focusing on JOY Postpartum

3 months postpartum 👉🏼 4 months

4 mo PP.jpg

Incredible what can happen in 4 short weeks, isn’t it?!

We’re both focused on one big thing: JOY

Not counting or measuring. Not over exercising. Not MFing myself in the mirror while trying to get pre pregnancy clothes on. Not stressing about wine with Chris, a meal out with my girls, or ice cream with ziggy. Just JOY.

For a long time, I was so busy beating myself up about food, my body and my pant size, that I couldn’t really be filled with joy. It literally bled into every facet of my life. And not in a good way.

Want to know what’s important?

Who you are at your CORE.

The things & experiences that make you SMILE.

The people you LOVE.


That’s it.

Not tangible things. Not your pant size. Not the number on the scale. Not what you had for breakfast.

Nope. None of it. None of this defines you or your worth.

Not to get all woo-woo gushy pants on you, but..

You’re amazing and beautiful and smart and you can (seriously!!!!) do anything you set your heart out to do.

And that beautiful body of yours? It deserves to be filled with nourishing foods, its energy protected, moved with intention and well rested.

When you believe this — like realllyyyyyy believe it— amazing things begin to open up.

Let’s focus on JOY!! It seems like an awesome place to start. Are you in? ! Comment below and let us know.

(End woo woo ❤️)


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See you inside!

Let’s stay connected!   Contact me anytime, here.

Let’s stay connected! Contact me anytime, here.